Digging for Worms

As I watched a man digging for worms on the Camel Estuary, I thought that there can be a great satisfaction in carrying out repetitive manual activities.

For instance it allows the mind to wander and often some of our the best ideas can come as we carryout a repetitive task. I once read about a writer who had their best ideas whilst scrubbing the front step, and had to go back to such activities whenever she had a writer’s block.

The satisfaction gained is not only mental, but also physical. I agree that if you had to carryout the task for eight hours every day, then, the physical satisfaction would be lessened if not almost nonexistent. However it can be enjoyable to get out of the house or office on a cold crisp morning, and expend a bit of energy whilst digging for worms while the tide is out. Just being out there with nature can increase our sense of well being.

So, all in all I think the man is enjoying his digging for worms, the same cannot probably be said for the worms though!

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