I’m beginning to realise that to take good photographs, it really helps if you enjoy your subject.

I got into photography as a result of trying to learn what Photoshop Elements was all about.  As my interest rose, I graduated from a point and shot to a DSLR, and began to learn the craft of photography.

Soon after I began taking photos, I realised that I really enjoyed photography, but I started to question what it was that interested me in it.  My answer was that it was another attempt to find my creative signature.  I decided that I wanted to take photos that could be classed as fine art and would not look out of place on my walls at home.  This provided me with a focus as to the standard that I wanted, but what about the subject?  I never really thought about it, and took photos whenever the opportunity arose.  I’d take photos of just about anything, buildings, beach scenes on holiday, family, local cricket matches and several attempts at birds. I had to do something with these photos so I started to produce photobooks, which were generally well received.  So there I was producing something creative, but with no specific subject in mind.

Looking back I can see that I tended to drift towards photographing the natural world.  This realisation came to me on a recent workshop photographing Red Deer.  It was then that I realised, that my real interest was in the natural world.  More than that, I realised that I enjoyed being there with or without the camera.   Having said that, I find that I enjoy it more, when I have my camera with me.  This is probably because it slows me down and forces me to really look, and to try to understand the things I’m looking at.  I certainly know a lot more about red deer now, than I did before the workshop.

So my photography is being inspired by the things I am interested and excited about, meanwhile the photography is making me more enthusiastic about the things I am interested in.  One is feeding the other. I just hope now that my interest and enthusiasm will be reflected in my photographs, and that I will create photographs of a fine art standard.

My search for a creative signature has not however ended, as I now intend to write about these experiences here in this blog.


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